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  Abb Industrial Drives
AC Inverter Drives, AC Motors,
DC Drives, DC Motors, Medium Voltage Motors
Action Instruments
Action Instruments Going the distance
The World's Leading Manufacturer of Solenoid Valves
Feedback Devices, Tachometers, Quality, Reliability, Service, Value
DC Motors, AC Motors, DC Controls, Motion Controls & servos
Banner Engineering
Highly skilled application engineers. Sensors, Machine Safety, Vision, Safety, Indicator Lights, Wireless
Basler Electric
Static Excitation Control Systems,
Regulation and Systems Controls,
Production and Control Devices.
Barben Analyzer Technology
Sensors, analyzers, controllers, &
accessories for liquid process & waste
treatment industries.
Air Applications, Water Applications,
Bus Applications
Point Level Measurement, Continuous
Level Management, Dry flow Products,
Liquid Level Products.
Precision - Heat and Control
We know that one degree matters.
Control Chief
Manufactures wireless radio remote
control systems for industrial applications
using conventional arrow band, advanced
wide band, and PLC technology.
  Control Techniques
A leading supplier of intelligent
drives for commercial and industrial
motor control applications.
A complete range of portable
and fixed gas detection products
you can trust.
Designs, Manufactures innovative products
and technologies with strong brand names.
Drive All
Manufacturer of multi-speed reducers,
increasers, and custom pulleys for
speed control.
The Druck product name has long been
associated with precision pressure sensors
and related test/calibration instruments.
Registered manufacturer of custom
thermal components for any industry
application that requires heat, sensing, and temperature control.
Pressure, Air Velocity, Temperature,
Process Control, Humidity, Air Quality.
EDI Electrical Designs
Electrical Enclosures, Custom Products,
Corrosion Resistant Hinged, Lift Off
and Screw Type Covers
  EEC Controls
Solid State AC Motor Control, Reduced
Voltage Soft Starters, Medium Voltage
Soft Starters, Quarry Duty Starters
Future Design
Offers a broad range of standard &
custom OEM temperature and process
control, recording and operator Products
George Fisher Signet
Quality flow and analytical products
which are simple to operate.
GP : 50
Pressure, Level and Temperature Transmitters and Transducers.
  Hammond Power Solutions
Dry Type Transformers, Power Transformers
Drive Isolation Transformers, Line Reactors
Control Transformers
Engineering Heating Performance.
Coil Heaters. Changing the way
you think about Electric Heaters.
Operators Interface, Power Supplies,
Sensors, Door Interlock Switches, Relay
Barriers, Relays & Sockets, Circuit Breakers.
Measuring and Monitoring Instruments Flow, Pressure, Level,
An industry leader in the manufacturing of
Thermowells, Orifice Plates and other
instrument components.
Magna Drive
MagnaDrive replaces the physical connection between motors and loads
with a gap of air.
Marathon Electric
Motors, Generators, ECommerce.
A complete line of 1/8Hp to 800Hp motors.
Marsh Bellofram
Timers & Counters, Digital Panel Meters, Pressure Instruments &
Gauges, Natural Gas & Propane Regulators, Air Regulators
  Motortronics AC Motor Control
Solid State AC Motor Control, Softstarts,
Phasetronics, SCR Power Motor Protection
Mean Well
Your Reliable Power Partner we believe
that we can offer you a total solution
and be your reliable power partner.
Motion Control, Fluid Control, Actuators,
Valve Solutions, Air Prep Solutions.
A complete lines of process electric heat and control products.
  Payne Engineering
Phase-Angle Power Control. SCR Power Controls, Solid State Power Control.
P C & S
Supplies quality instruments and components for the measurement and control of AC and DC power and transit systems.
Pfannenberg Products
Electro - Technology for Industry. Thermal
Management Products, Cooling Units,
Filter Fans
Manufactures the most reliable and accurate diaphragm seals for pressure instruments.
Thermocouples, Special Purpose Sensors,
Resistance Temperatures Detectors,
Accessory Devices.
A full line of standard and custom electrical Switchmats and flexible pressure sensitive switches.
ReoTemp Instruments
Provides bimetal thermometers, pressure gauges, diaphragm seals, RTD's, thermocouples, pressure transmitters,
and compost thermometers.
SAB Products
Wire Products, Flexible Control Cables,
Automation Cables
  Schneider Electric
Schneider Electric Industrial Repair Services is much more than a repair depot or surplus dealer! A total solution provider, we service most manufacturers brands.
Sprecher + Schuh offers a wide range of low-voltage industrial control products, including contactors, a variety of relays, starters, push buttons, switches, terminals and controllers. Stegmann Systems
Incremental Rotary Encoders, Absolute
Rotary Encoders, SSI Systems and
Converters, Servo Motor Feedback Systems
TCI Worldwide
Enhanced Performance and Protection
for Variable Frequency Drives and
Manufacturer of Electric Heating Elements, Temperature Controllers, Temperature Sensors & Turnkey
Process Heating Systems Since 1972
A leading manufacturer of products
designed for factory and process
automation industries that uphold
uncompromising standards
Tutco Heating Technology
Leading the heating industry in Open
Coil, Heat Kits, Duct Heaters and Crankcase
Warren Electric Corporation
Since 1962, specialists in designing,
engineering, and manufacturing both
standard and custom electric process
Custom designer and manufacturer of
industrial electric heaters, sensors and
Weksler Glass
A full line of Industrial Thermometers, Bimetal Thermometers, Pressure Gauges, and Accessories.
provides heavy-duty municipal and industrial pumps and mixers specifically designed for water and solids-handling applications, including pumps for sludge, tertiary waste, and potable water.
Adjustable Speed Drives, Servo Class
Couplings, Load Adapters, CD Zero
Backlash Motor Couplings, Torque
Limiters, Crown Gears

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